Love Shanghai share Six Secrets you don’t know

September 16, 2017 0 Comments

, 1 for IP; 2, brush once every few hours; 3, many people each brush.

tips: don’t count, be sure to share to the terminal, to your site more benefits.

, a Shanghai share love really can improve



this is the hottest topic in the Shanghai dragon Er, in my opinion, whether love Shanghai currently has no the ranking algorithm, it will definitely affect the ranking.

January 9th, Shanghai found love sharing data with the thumb on the love of Shanghai snapshot, then ecstasy. Because when this thing without what special purpose is in order to share my website. See the thumb and count. Behind the snapshot, put up the mouse display "102 love", it is a cool feeling. At that time, the general site, including the well-known Shanghai dragon website, have the sign. This is the symbol of identity!!!


below to share my experience to share the love of Shanghai.

share how love?

in January 10th, some people in Shanghai Longfeng with this small application, up a lot of love to share the article in the network of fire in Shanghai. But this time, I removed the love of Shanghai share, with Jiathis. Not what reason is to test.

second, by the love of Shanghai share can get the chain. Love Shanghai in 31 a share integrated button, if others to share news, watercress, love Shanghai, love Shanghai collection sites such as space, equivalent to you do a chain. As Shanghai dragon you still live in Hold? (the 31 button, how many dofollow, nofollow, how many URLs do, your own filter)

first of all, is the most intuitive, the snapshot site behind the thumb is to attract the eye. The first home screen of a few websites, with this small icon will make it appear relatively conspicuous, the user is likely because the small icon and click on your website. Layman watch, experts see road. Don’t know what it is because of the novelty and your website, know what it is you will feel very sensitive to dynamic Shanghai dragon, will enter your website to see if there is something more valuable. It has two benefits, first, give your website to call more traffic, improve your views; second, if many users first on your website, tell this is the search engine, this website is the most authoritative, is most in need of the user, and the ultimate mission of search engine is that the users need most things in front of the display. If your site is wonderful, the residence time is long, the user access pages, it will make the search engine more trust your site.

second, Shanghai

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