The status quo high quality original content first

September 16, 2017 0 Comments

because search engines want their customers in the shortest possible time, customers want to find answers through the search engine.

that is: continue to provide original content. (of course is to be associated with the theme of the site, and each page keywords to search keywords is demand only).

2. domain name, host selection

How to update:

we run website must constantly update (no one will love a timeless old website)

2. per month at least 4 to 5 of original articles published;

3. station link

Although !)

4. all kinds of keyword selection;

I think, as we engage in Shanghai dragon staff, just grab a bit, a bit is the core to formlessness.

Who is the

said, the theme of the site selection is also very important, want to win in a short period of time, much of the theme, such as (Tourism), it is very difficult. Is too small, there is no sense of achievement, such as: Shanghai Baoshan shoe factory, is too small, not much traffic.


think: if we use love in Shanghai when looking for certain products, Shanghai love to our search results are not related to the content of the website; when we are unable to provide answers to the questions, then we will no longer use the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai users if a little, it will face collapse. (with noble baby, is the same reason).

first, our search engine from the point of view to think about this question:

love Shanghai and Google algorithm, has been updated, or has been in progress; (all the search engine algorithm, it will only become more and more complicated

1. original content around the site theme update: if it is unrelated to the theme of the site content, it has no effect;

5. quality appropriate external links (quality)

of course, whether it is English station or Chinese station optimization, some Shanghai Longfeng most basic work still to do:

is the purchase of those companies love Shanghai keyword advertising or aristocratic baby Adwords? No! The answer is: to find the content they want with the website ‘customers through the search engine’;

search engine

1.: choose to build web search engine friendly open source program (or write your own search engine friendly website program)

anyway, I think there is no need for us to study the black hat and white hat techniques, also do not need to control him more penguins >

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