Keywords web site optimization selection method based on analysis and interpretation

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Determination of

is the largest intersection of concentric circle, the same circle, with different radius of circle intersection appear most, the effect of strength of website optimization is the most ideal and most province. What is the key choice of concentric circle? Is to determine a core keywords, around the core word explore some words and extend the long tail word. Such as "site construction" is the key word, then the "Shanghai site construction", "professional website construction", "site construction company" is the extension of the word, "Shanghai construction site to find a", "website construction company" and so on is the long tail word. And these words, the biggest is the "construction site", that is to realize the core word determined.

meaning the same or similar is regarded as the same keywords, love Shanghai after the algorithm adjusted, has more Chinese understand. We use search engine through a keyword, will find the retrieved keywords in the search results, will be marked in red. This is called keywords rosy, general snapshot included, more keywords Piaohong, website ranking will should rely on some before. Love in Shanghai keywords determined, is out of the ordinary place, the introduction of more China features of synonyms and concept. For example, we love Shanghai by the words "Shanghai website search, retrieval results rosy words not only have the" Shanghai site construction ", there will be a" Shanghai website design ", and sometimes also can appear" Shanghai website ".

unless you are a comprehensive website, for example, Sina search portal, information resources is very rich. The business model is to provide every kind of mass of information rich, with a wide range of flow and attention, through advertising information dissemination additional way. Otherwise, put in website construction and website optimization, some should be paid attention to the choice of keywords. Especially for a large number of small and medium enterprises, because the site itself is thin, the choice of keywords is more important. The choice of keywords is by no means with inspiration can Weakness lends wings to rumours. but to a certain basis, on the basis of this, more is based on the search engine and the user’s habits on cognition.

, a core keyword selection: determine the concentric circle

two, meaning: Mo as synonyms.

there is no doubt that the keyword determine first must be consistent theme of the site. If the website is the website construction production based, then the keywords must be around the "construction site", or even "network company" in this topic. A lot of people in the determination of keywords, East a hammer West a wooden stick, and even some words have no relevance. Not only increases the difficulty of optimization, even if the optimization is up, because there is no systematic planning for the future work of hidden trouble. Keywords determine the lack of system, but also a lot of just beginning to learn the practice of the optimization of friends often make mistakes, we found through long-term accumulation, site optimization keywords circle like mathematics, the ideal state is more the intersection.

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