Wang Tong and the countermeasure analysis of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love change algorithm

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so under these circumstances, the change of the so-called "love Shanghai fight for the original, to enhance the user experience is very failure

the real reason: forced sales, in order to enhance the sales performance of

June, love Shanghai algorithm change as follows:

for example, our company’s website: content is the most pure original article, so even if people in the search search tongwang贵族宝贝 is also ranked first, but in the search for "love Shanghai tongwang贵族宝贝", the first row is actually a waste site.

? . The results of

is another example: search my pure original articles "influence" content factors on Shanghai dragon

any one search engine of change, the same principle is the core to enhance the user experience, so the algorithm before adjustment, according to the Shanghai official in Shanghai love love love Shanghai webmaster forum announcement, adjust the goal is for everyone to pseudo original, enhance the user experience.

the content of the website is 90% pure original, the result was in love with the sea K left 10 fen. Love Shanghai algorithm really tough, even the content analysis of pure original blocked off. Love Shanghai this algorithm is how to get

Above this two

2, seriously hurt the user experience, allowing users to find the information they need.

can be said that the current love Shanghai advertising performance is close to the peak, and then to rise, more and more difficult, so the pressure and love Shanghai advertising revenue growth of more. When the number of website ranking changes, the website sales declined immediately, in order to maintain sales.

false reasons: the fight against pseudo original, enhance the user experience

?In addition

3, love Shanghai snapshot of data is often a problem, such as snapshot, even the new domain name website shows a snapshot of the new 2003.

1, most of the site in Shanghai included the amount of love has fallen, including many large websites included million;

2, an estimated 2%~3% website was blocked in love Shanghai, love Shanghai in no ranking or completely pulled hair;

1, did not blow pseudo original, more against the original

in Google search, my site in the first row, because the first on my website, absolutely pure original.

seems to love Shanghai banned many websites are 100% pure original company website, and the result is, search the name of a company in Shanghai, did not find the company’s Web site, find out is rubbish station and the out of order. This phenomenon is very common, I just have to find dozens of examples.

in Shanghai in search of love, the front I couldn’t find my site, is all some plagiarism website.

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