How to through the soft expansion of the chain

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and the aggressive chain, the soft chain is a good example, because the search engines continue to suppress, some chain technique once is no longer so easy and effective, and the promotion of soft paper is paid more and more attention, the use of soft chain is more and more welcome of webmaster, one a very important reason is because of the expansion of the soft outside the chain, then the wooden Shanghai dragon will talk about how to expand the chain through the soft

choose the good quality of the platform is mainly because of the platform of high weight, and then compare the authority has credibility, can contribute to improve visibility in the above platform, then the flow of people, the exposure rate is high, the last is that a lot of other sites and software platform will come to these collected articles. The owners of the home, such as A5, why, 28 Shanghai dragon is a good choice. At the same time can also set up an independent blog with soft Wen promotion, the blog itself is a good outside chain resources, the soft can be sent in the blog and then to contribute, not only contribute to the blog to do the long tail keywords, but also through the soft platform to improve the visibility of the blog, so many times on the blog can also get a lot of traffic at the same time, a lot of collection site even directly to the blog collection of your article, one of the key points of what we want is the chain expansion, but after a certain well-known copy will be more links with the people, the expansion effect can be strengthened.


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how to write text is not to say, this is not the focus of this article, see the "Ten Tips" attractive promotion content. In short to the attention of a time, and has the added value, at the same time as the actual case to join. In the process of submission submission first author and source to be unified, so you can make the brand awareness, followed by the submission time, each platform will have its own contribution note, which will clearly tell the user platform every day each time, we review, as far as possible in this time delivery, so you can quickly complete some people will avoid audit, take your text to vote. The last time to pay attention to the contribution, can see the corresponding column before submission, if the column has a lot of the day "

how to do the chain is many webmaster friends concern, while talking about how to send the chain will mention resources, with good resources can send in different resource platform chain, and this point is mainly to do their own chain of their own, we how much it is, is dead myself. Simply speaking, the chain has effect, but there is no aggression, what is called aggression? The chain resources you can expand to other external resources, but also that other sites can also become your resources, the chain will invade each place, a chain can even be brought to the site of hundreds of thousands the chain, the chain is not only doubled, the promotion effect, drainage will be strengthened, which we call the chain expansion.


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platform for soft, good quality

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