Site is not the first home page is a normal phenomenon

September 11, 2017 0 Comments

site is not the first home page, you can say one thing to the other webmasters very troublesome. Many sites will appear in the home is not the first love of Shanghai enter the site command, the home page ranking to several, even no ranking home page. This situation many webmaster think came right home page or K station. So in Shanghai love to enter site command when the home is not the first ranking on our website in the end there is no effect? It is not a normal phenomenon? I according to their own understanding, combined with their own experience of website, do some explanation.

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, of course, not all of the site home page is not the first, all belong to normal phenomenon. If the site is not the first home page with no keywords ranking or included decreased more than 50%. It is no doubt that the site has been down right.

first, love Shanghai officials have said the site instruction is just a rough search instructions, site instructions are not entirely accurate. Especially in 2013, with the launch of the update algorithm of site Scindapsus love Shanghai, home in more and more serious is not the first problem, found this website also grow with each passing day. Love Shanghai officials are trying to solve the problem, in order to make more accurate site instruction.

second, in exchange Links if site is not the first home page may affect their websites, thus resulting in their own home site site is not the same in the first, but this situation generally occurs only in their own website weight is not a very good case. To my site as an example, in February 12th after the start of site page is not the first time I see the friends of the chain, the chain ranking. The ranking remains strong in Shanghai love home row. Until the 15 day found their home site site is not the same in the first place. Keywords "but the page ranking of the German bearing" still firmly row in Shanghai first love. Although the weight of this website is not very good, but it can be more fully demonstrated that the site is not the first home page does not affect the site’s ranking, pure belong to normal phenomenon. So when we find such a chain, not to rush to remove the chain, the chain should first check whether the normal love Shanghai ranking. If the website ranking shows the normal site and did not drop right, just site instruction problems. (or love Shanghai draft. People think so) so, site home is not belong to the normal phenomenon in the first.

summed up his experience, if the site is not in the first, do not rush to change their website. Because a arch-criminal site change frequently is the result of right down. Only by continuously increasing the content of the website and the high quality of the chain is to survive the site.

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