QQ Taobao space to do a monthly income of 200 thousand passengers

September 11, 2017 0 Comments

how do I use the QQ website to flow into the QQ space, the monthly income of 200 thousand?

when I put Beaming with Joy money to bank card, since the time I add to these ads, because also do a lot of websites, such as QQ space QQ space brush popularity, automatic watering.

I made a small Taobao internal discount channel. At that time all the publicity in the website, a lot of play QQ space, QQ net friend, see the title of special interest, direct access to my space, it is a day to more than 50 thousand IP.


how do I use QQ space to promote

so you think, I put up with these resources, my Taobao customers monthly income less? So, I in that year, my monthly income reached around about 2000000, you may also remember that QQ space is a hot topic of Taobao is the second internal discount preferential channel, you may see this topic, visit your friends in QQ space is not wrong, this is what I planned.

2, automatically forwarded to send 100 thousand messages.

1, automatic forwarding time to send 10 thousand people.

    remember when Taobao guest just out of the special fire, I also came out 1 years later to contact Taobao customer, I was in the hands of their website is about 100 thousand a day IP, I did the first site is QQ space and QQ space is cloned, and QQ the site, such as QQ net and so on, the traffic is very large, but the Google alliance monthly income is not


4, the friends share 100 times to send 1 million QQ space popularity.


this is the Taobao passenger revenue I many years ago, if the QQ space use, you can also flow through these open shops. They sell products. The good case is: beauty, mogujie贵族宝贝, these were relatively popular Taobao guest website, although the transition, but at the time of QQ>

you may ask, 50 thousand per day can IP the monthly income of 200 thousand, actually more than that, at the time of this log my writing is very good, when I visit you space, a lot of friends reproduced, I remember reproduced about 1000000 times, you can imagine, this is my diary 1 million see then reproduced, how many are there? There are 10 million people, I was the first month Ali mother alliance, the account balance is more than 210000.

you may not believe my site traffic is so high, here is one of my web traffic screenshots for everyone to see.

3, to share your space to send 200 thousand brush QQ space log.

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