Solve some big problems with tips in the process of establishment of Shanghai Dragon

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search engine is the black box operation, outsiders cannot know the real point, most of the time, only through practice and a lot of speculation, and try to keep some effective methods. Many small skills are worthy of understanding, may be able to solve big problems.

3 site leads to a directory not included?

The revision of the

our website had a facelift, led to a specific directory of the article is no longer included, I checked the Internet more than N data, N has a variety of claims, basically no one is reliable, so I also consulted the Shanghai love administrator, detailed description of your site the situation. Probably experience a month, included the return to normal.

A snapshot of

if you encounter this kind of problem, I suggest you make the following plan

love Shanghai snapshot complaint window: 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/add

love Shanghai has always been criticized by the industry, but now also found love Shanghai more and more to the normal direction of the travel industry. If you find you a snapshot of a problem, you may wish to try, there will be a rapid response to love Shanghai.

3, quietly waiting in the waiting process, initiated consultation message to the administrator of Shanghai love. It is necessary to elaborate on your site in the mail, but should pay attention to words, hoping to get the help of the administrators of Shanghai love.

will often encounter website content publishing, Shanghai love is not included in your article, this is actually not what the big deal, you don’t have to worry, each site of the sandbox period of 2-3 months is essential, important is the mentality, if a website is mainly rely on search engines to eat it, you must have the patience to wait.

snapshot complaints of love

1, Shanghai

1, continuously updated website, remember the quality first, the number of second.

complaint love Shanghai mail, writing is very important, must be called clear narrative clear, also can be attached to such a statement, "hoping to get love Shanghai administrator help! Really appreciate it!" our website met a snapshot of the thing, and what website, have adopted this complaint the way of love, Shanghai second days will update the snapshot. Love the awesome Shanghai rangers.

you need to do is to regularly update the content, improve the quality of content. Then send the appropriate number of the chain, led the spider! In the sandbox period, your most important task is to continuously update.

supports 2, strengthen the external links this column.

website not included?The new

4, adjust the page, the page must be clean, remove and inconsistent content.



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