Detailed interpretation of web search engine and a snapshot of some problems

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love Shanghai snapshot time: 2013-10-28

factors being punished.

three how to quickly restore the site snapshot

1, check and eliminate

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the following is the same website in October 28, 2014 search snapshot comparison.

snapshot site health and update quality

note: wrong 301 jump (just jump page), domain name abuse will lead to



1. in the ranking is mainly in the period of the snapshot data as the standard, especially title

4. brush flow site cheating, the snapshot sometimes violent irregular changes in

5. with the algorithm update function will change the

4, in the elimination of penalty factors, to change the web page template will drive the update

A snapshot is introduced:

5, add some more natural flow and click

is a snapshot of the search engine in order to enhance the user experience, and data backup, user query. At present, Google snapshot more relaxed, Sogou, 360 is relatively loose, the snapshot update faster. Love Shanghai more strictly to the snapshot, often making the Shanghai dragon and the webmaster is very headache

2, a large number of updates and high quality website home page, column page theme related content

two influence to Shanghai dragon and characteristics of

1 is the search engine grab data, keep the data backup and data cache, when the page does not open or open slowly, can view the information through the snapshot,

3, released some broad sources, value chain

6, love Shanghai complaints

Sogou snapshot time: 2014-10-26 In this paper,

360 snapshot time: 2014-10-26

3. under normal circumstances, the snapshot and page number, the flow of abundance, the update frequency is positively correlated with

2. is an important reference index to reflect the

2, the index data snapshot data is a point in time of the backup

snapshot stagnation

I think, love Shanghai currently on the snapshot is too strict, there are many people suspect is the snapshot of the database processing ability is insufficient, and the lack of treatment, did produce some "block" effect on the site in the ranking of Shanghai love.

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