Shanghai Longfeng summary of events behind the unhealthy mentality

September 11, 2017 0 Comments

do it for more than 2 years, I feel this year is the year not only be not of the common sort, is in love with the sea K station again and again, and 360 was born, more Zhang Guoping teacher forum closed in light years, the mobile Internet events this year’s frequency is not poor, but this incident also exposed several bad mentality in Shanghai dragon or practitioners of the webmaster.

Forum – Internet garbage off light-years with no moral

due to more of my own free time, so there are a lot of the time you can go to the blog, so that some of the more well-known blog will be at K station after full, such as 10.23 earlier update events, when the message Lu Songsong blog reached hundreds, of which nothing more than some of Shanghai’s dissatisfaction with love or, is the self cross word, but who knows the site worked so hard to build up is not easy, repetitive work that day in and day out think about all upset, but let’s not say Shanghai is right or wrong, only see from all this practice can, we are not rational, not mature enough, very easy when encountering "except for" bewitched, like that of the malicious click event 6.28 is a good example of this point, because as the destruction of navy is really useful for you, I think We really need to consider.

360 was born – Shanghai dragon dependent

in October 20th, the industry related well-known forum by China Ping teacher light closed, although in the teacher gives the pure Shanghai dragon be inopportune or inappropriate official explanation, but we all know that this year’s Shanghai Longfeng development environment is too confusing, clumping litter quality of employees decreased sharply, everyone is for do Shanghai dragon to do Shanghai Longfeng, development environment and sharing attitude appeared to take you in skill, A5 published an article.

frequent K 6.28 after the event to the loss of self


I think any webmaster will feel for the birth of 360 dance for joy, because honestly we had enough love Shanghai truculent and unreasonable, motionless update algorithm, motionless on the rectification of the Internet environment, but in the end some of the rubbish site can still survive, contrary to our regular website but early abortion so, when the 8.16360 comprehensive search launched, many webmaster is in the forum or QQ group called, because we finally found a savior, but up to now, there are many owners still believe in the 360? Xingyi view is very simple, in the Internet environment, more competition is always better than a only big, but the future of the site should not be placed on a fresh product, when we call love Shanghai, don’t forget to search 360 Is the predecessor of the 3721, a website to develop for a long time, it is based on the brand building, like the now hot electric grid, Lou loose, especially Lu Songsong, although the station was K but traffic is still not diminished, and this is the strength of the brand.

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