Shanghai Longfeng optimization from the entry to the three elements in the

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for the webmaster friends, good website optimization Shanghai dragon has become a must learn the skills, but many webmaster think highly of Shanghai Longfeng optimal learning difficulty for individuals, if not to the long-term learning spirit is very difficult to do well, but I think, in fact Shanghai Longfeng optimal learning the difficulty is not high, because for our webmaster, it is not necessary to know the love of Shanghai search engine algorithm is how to write, as long as the search engine to know principle on the line, and then combined with the principle, targeted optimization can make their sites get better rankings for their in fact, from the website, Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the entry to the master, only strictly abide by the three elements, you will find that learning particularly easy, under the The plane would like to share with you the

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: principle of search engine

search engine principle must be very mysterious, very profound, in fact as long as you can find some optimization tutorial Shanghai dragon related, such as in the A5 station, there are a lot of related to the principle of search engine tutorials, written is relatively easy to understand, it is through the robot around the Internet content to crawl, and then for indexing, the content included inside their own database, through the quality of the content, and the search for Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. principle, the results are ranked, in order to let the user through the keyword search, you will be able to find more in line with the needs of users, this is the basic principle about the understanding of the principle, from these aspects for the website Shanghai Longfeng optimization is enough!

three: To summarize the observation


two: to analyze their own websites and rival

Many webmaster friends may think that

a, must be careful not to go astray, because the Internet now has too many temptations, such as black chain temptation, such as black hat temptation, although these methods for some types of sites, very suitable, but if you want to be a regular website. Then, choose the black hat optimization method that often will make you regret, because now I love Shanghai for optimization of black hat antipathy, this is because the black hat optimization method, hinders love Shanghai to provide better content to the user, which affects their authority, it will be a severe blow so, if you want to really operate the site, the best way is to go white hat optimization method

!But in this research

website Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must also analyze their advantages and competitive advantage, because Shanghai Longfeng optimization plainly, is a kind of competition method, whose Shanghai Longfeng optimization level is high, its competitiveness is high, so we can technology competition through the construction of website content, update the site outside the chain of competition, the construction of the competition and so on, comprehensive analysis of their own and competitors, in order to achieve fast beyond the competitors, let your website ranking get a little higher


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