Stand in front of the mountains of Shanghai dragon master optimization

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search engine optimization and expert master not only talk about, is more experienced and lack of experience, the rest did not have any difference, we can easily fall into a misunderstanding, that some people will say: because of work experience or technical differences with the environment, affecting my the worst is the ability, people say they don’t have their technology because of their work in the platform is not the same, so the impact of their own technological advance, Shanghai dragon you can do it yourself, the environment and the execution of these two seriously look at.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization article three mountains: innovation ability

Shanghai dragon

said here does not mean that the technology like code and design technology, some technical direction will be more biased in favor of the strategy here, Shanghai Dragon technology is always around the keyword optimization as the core, to enhance the ranking for the purpose of full use of scientific, through natural ranking get better ranking, this kind of Shanghai Longfeng personnel not only hard work with their own wisdom, the effect will be more before the effect of a higher level.

Optimization: the ability to execute

Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the second Mountains: technical strength

said that although the execution of many places, enterprise management comes, marketing comes, and for the Shanghai dragon is the same, because this thing is not only by virtue of this wisdom can get better rankings, normal keyword ranking hard + wisdom + time, simply by virtue of cleverness is unable to get more, and will let you develop a bad habit will directly affect your life, seemingly simple, actually the root of the problem is quite complex.

innovation ability is not difficult to imagine, Shanghai dragon is supposed to rank for the purpose, from where to talk about innovation? Shanghai Longfeng optimization when rose to the next level, many people encountered bottleneck, because it really is not everyone can go to this step, a lot of people can receive a lot of a private one, or the enterprise can receive a lot of list, just stay in the top second, third refers to more key words and enhance access to the ranking of the rankings, the overall structure of the internal structure and the site every keyword combination through technology >

every person in every stage of the situation will be very different, I have also gone through a difficult road, because for the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng in terms of many things in fact there are no specific direction, do not know the law do not know how to do science, only listen to the chain and content, grasp these two points, and later found that the effective time, but always meet keywords more fierce competition is stuck, because there is no way to compete with others, the content to share just want to be able to help to a few friends today, the right to look at a lot of things, not you must now do is wrong, bad things will happen only in normal and abnormal.

The first mountain of Shanghai dragon

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