Qian Yushan the analysis of the case of the optimization of Shanghai dragon group purchase website

September 10, 2017 0 Comments

group purchase website needs to be optimized? See in many recent online group purchase website a lot of talent recruitment Shanghai Longfeng personnel, it can be seen that the group purchase website also needs to optimize. How to optimize the group purchase website? Money today Yushan Shanghai dragon tutorial network on every day, do a detailed analysis of the case group purchase optimization strategy under the group purchase website.

two, the current situation and improvement suggestions to optimize the network optimization team in current day group purchase website operation, great progress has been obtained than before. As of July 4th, every group purchase network relevant Shanghai Longfeng data as follows: domain name registration date 18-mar- 2010, age 2 years; PR5, SR3, Alexa245805; the amount included love Shanghai 6050, Google 2310; love Shanghai related domain 958, YAHOO chain 400. The author after careful analysis, find that there is still some places need to be improved. The following is analyzed from several aspects:


2, the website structure optimization every day consistent network station head group purchase navigation area, and fully consider the user experience, to let visitors can find what they need in the shortest time. However, from the view of optimization, the ALT attribute head navigation area logo but did not add pictures, proposed to amend the ALT attributes such as: "every group purchase network, China biggest female life group purchase website", so as to increase the keywords "every group purchase network" density, but also highlight the site theme in the mouse hover;

The front page of

program optimization network group purchase every day have done well. The program features itself in user experience impeccable, covers many advantages of group purchase program. But there is a problem but also a lot of group purchase program and mall is difficult to solve: the static processing product page. We know that the static pages and dynamic pages crawling and indexing in the search engine is still very different, consider only from the angle of Shanghai dragon, static if we can achieve the best product page.

1, website optimization program

, group purchase network optimization of Shanghai dragon? Although network group purchase marketing a variety of ways, but the most cost-effective or rely on traffic from search engines. In addition, because the search content from search engine contains "area + name + group purchase" this kind of crowd flow, is the direct purchase of accurate customer intention, they can make the product conversion rate is greatly improved. Therefore, but from the transformation perspective, promote the network group purchase is cannot do without the Shanghai dragon.

the whole station at the bottom, the bottom picture using the alt attribute, and make full use of copyright and online product support, impeccable;

middle part is the basic style of group purchase website, clear picture with reasonable product title to the user’s conversion is essential, and each of the product picture also added the ALT description and increase website name keyword density. On the whole, page layout keywords >

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