Shanghai dragon key skills

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two. Select the

website is very good, so some simple and moderately difficult words in the title change within 7 days after they have very good rankings, such sites most of the chain of good, the number is more than 5000, so, for the optimal estimation of time of a web site, view the site outside the chain is a web site optimization to do.

is not all keywords are to optimize the search engine home page.


easy keyword optimization in 7-15 days time; secondary keywords in 1.5-2 months; keywords high difficulty in 3 months or so, if the words of 3 months still do not come up, don’t pick up, according to the contact with the customers, customers can receive the maximum period of time optimization is 3 a month, more than 3 months, the site of the recommended brand.

, a time optimization keyword

for the industry keywords, recommended to choose according to the hotel, such as the word, if you want to optimize, not prefixed with the names, so customers can more accurately find the target keywords, is conducive to improve the site’s conversion rate. For the optimization for the customer, do not blindly, put forward optimization suggestions timely, can get the trust of customers; on the other hand, the optimization of industry keywords requires more energy and manpower support, but the conversion rate is not very optimistic keywords, therefore, create value is the conversion of keywords to master the means of optimization.

for the choice of keywords, when I was in the company, the interviewer asked such a question: is it can optimize any keyword into the search engine home page? The interviewer replied that he can only optimize keywords love Shanghai index 500 within the first page in the sea. He just graduated from only the training class, poor foundation. After the interview, I can not understand why only rules only optimize keywords love Shanghai index less than 500, think again, I finally understand, not for Shanghai Longfeng experience and practice of students, optimize the key index within 500 words is helpful to increase the confidence of students. This is the author of only speculation, to be verified, but on the other hand can be seen to choose their own ability to optimize the key words, do not promise to customer, some more insurance.

website optimization, analysis of little traffic and conversion rates, generally focus on the website optimization keywords are arrived at the designated place, within the specified time so the website optimization stage update most of the energy used in the construction, the content of the chain, and search engine vulnerability based on few of the website optimization focus on the user experience, what the users love, how to write the article can bring traffic. Here, I also talk about the wording of the article, but according to their own experience to talk about some tips to optimize the keywords optimization to determine the time and keyword selection.

Some basic

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