Shanghai Longfeng optimization details of what can become a booster optimization work

September 10, 2017 0 Comments

third, to analysis the details of the internal optimization improved their own web sites. The author thinks that the process of Web site optimization is constantly adjusting process analysis, we will only both inside and outside to make the site outside the station through the talent shows itself, to bring us real traffic, but the website optimization details of the user experience is a direct impact on the user views on opposite sides of the site, such as common the number of concurrent server is relatively small, especially small and medium-sized websites once while online number 100 will immediately appear on the website open speed slow, unable to visit, there are many years of enterprise station, not update the contents of the website.

first, as a webmaster to always understand our users. We know that the user is the most fundamental basis for survival to website, website after we’re through multiple perspectives to analyze user behavior, to understand the user’s buying habits, to gather the user where all users to purchase products, the most common problems in the process of what? In order to understand the user’s search behavior to provide users with high value, this is the key. In the process of Web site optimization is to the user community, SNS, and other local comprehensive network marketing to attract customers, click on our site, understand the content of our final dependence, so as to enhance the site conversion rate.

second, when the site optimization must be familiar with search engine rules. Many webmaster in the process of Shanghai dragon in the day just mechanical release update website, the relevant rules do not go to the bottom of the search engine, especially some novice, made a lot of the low quality, every day looking at is also in constant efforts, but in the end did not see any effect, the key is not to understand the search requirements for the quality of the original engine, although also in the construction of the chain, the novice generally only focus on quantity, every day a large number of a large number of BBS signature, blog, this operation is relatively simple, short period can enhance the number, but the weight and website ranking did not have any effect, so the idea here. The author suggests that the construction of the chain quality is king did not waver, common outside the chain of high quality such as soft submission, correlation ratio High Links, self blog to enhance the master weight, they make up there is a certain degree of difficulty, to be much larger than the day blind signature difficulty, but to see the effect of optimization rules, so your these efforts are worthwhile.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a lot of details, when we as a webmaster in the face when the site not only through some empty theory to analyze and optimize our own site, the author thinks that the website optimization must be established on the basis of the user, analysis of our users, understand the basic rules of search engine optimization the way to fundamentally do a good job, our website optimization, we continued through the following short gossip, details and detailed analysis, Shanghai Longfeng optimization details of what can become better as the chemical booster.

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