The website title title how to write standard a

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webmaster friends in the construction site, a lot of friends are tangled this website title (title) how to write and write for a site title (title), will be a good start to the website! Website title (title) how to write? Let us discuss

2, website name display the location of

1, the main title of two industry example


we usually call the main website title has three kinds, one is the main title site, title is the site of the domain name, is a website page title, there is a web page of title, mainly there are three kinds, here we specifically say


is a website (company) some problems, such as the name of place: I move the network title is title9d Beijing move network – Beijing moving company _ Beijing moving company moving company which good _ price in Beijing /title, 9D Beijing move nets is written in front of the good.

, a web site of the domain name title is


Such as: !

www.admin5贵族宝贝 domain name title is written like this: < title> Web sites on the admin5贵族宝贝 will | webmaster webmaster information and service center of < /title> the main title, this is what we usually say the website, why he wrote the title of this site is very cattle, has become a industry portal, the weight is high, so it is not necessary to write some words on the title; because some people can directly enter the website completely remember. But like some new sites, or low weight website, can’t write! I have a stop in Beijing to move the site, not how long do I < title> title9d: Beijing move network – Beijing moving company _ Beijing moving company moving company which good _ Beijing the price of < /title>, I just have to say this, the station did not do long, weight is relatively low, it’s not what visibility, at this stage in addition to several of his friends, who can not remember my website and direct input, at the same time I in order to make the site keywords in the rankings, so we must so write. I can’t write the title of the A5, if I like what A5 write the title: < title> 9D | will move for Beijing move nets on the site, moving 9dbjbj贵族宝贝- information and service center of < /title>, I think my site will die miserable, there is no chance to compete, this kind of title according to the industry, not what the industry can be written in the title of this

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