On site detection sequence optimization problem

September 9, 2017 0 Comments

found no external problem, the general is the internal problems, the internal problems in general is reproduced and in the horse, there is love Shanghai algorithm makes the adjustment of me is enough or not popular optimization, under the first reprint, this may be common, in order to allow a large number of search engines included us, we go to reprint some things may be early very good, but this is.

second: introverted analysis method.

: the first chain analysis.

is the analysis of the external links, to see which link problems, see the reason is not in him here, there is not a sudden increase or decrease caused by external links, some may say, why to take a look at the external links, resulting in general not internal, so can only say to the railway station an old, domain name, etc. in the optimization search engine has been tested many times, if the optimization problem, it started early, so to study under external links, the test is not a problem which website method is very simple, is the isolation method and comprehensive analysis method, isolation method is to put the delete or remove the site, then wait second days to see if the results, because he is then removed, this method is generally suitable for just a few of the website in question, If not, have removed it, it should be a comprehensive analysis, first look at this site has no management, link to buy suspect, his link is not a lot of problems in the website, once back now, it is necessary to remove, don’t hesitate, there is what they included, snapshots, update time is the law, these are the result of the test. This is a point, then the chain is included, are generally included in the increase or decrease suddenly would increase, mainly because we are cheating, we may use the software, or some informal means, we found that these drop right should be immediately known, and then reduce the general is the forum account was seized, reprinted junk files, search engines are closed, there is every day the chain site problems, are the reasons to reduce connection, then there is no way to slow processing, there is a reason for their own search engines, but are in the minority.

You have to believe that

is a test site optimization order, good order allows us to quickly identify problems, to solve the problem, you may not follow this order can be found, but it may take a lot of detours, in fact, every industry or every thing has certain rules, good the law allows us to study and work effort, like learning is Shanghai dragon, we first will be some code knowledge, then to learn the title structure, and how to establish the external links and a series of knowledge, if the order fell, it will make learning very painful, wasted a lot of time. Well, I would simply say this order, the last time I love Shanghai in December 8th when the analysis of adjustment policy is to use this method, the results of the three day went through.

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