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web content aggregation meaning is to let the website look more professional, and focus. In general, the site is around a theme to carry out, such as the website construction industry, then we will be around this topic to expand the content of the website construction operation. But often in the construction site, we also can be extended to a lot of lower grade categories. For example, website construction cost, website construction process and so on, can also be understood as an integration of a long tail keywords. For example, the 贵族宝贝 page, in the site construction process this topic to write. Therefore, this page is helpful for users, and because the pages related to the integration of content, website development and website construction process, therefore, to search engine, but also higher authority of the page, can get the long tail keywords good ranking. If the site is more of this type of website content aggregation, so for the site’s overall ranking is advantageous.


past search engine movements, Scindapsus released the chain standard launch, shows that the search engine hit chain determination. Therefore, the optimization has been a concern of the station, became a startling step by step. Indeed, in the long chain are lack of controllability, especially in today, want to rely on a large number of the construction of the chain to get the ranking, so obviously it is not rational. So no chain of Shanghai dragon can do what

has been a lot of people have a wrong understanding of the Shanghai dragon, is that Shanghai dragon is the chain, ignoring the importance of the station optimization. Today, the chain sprocket not, signature chain is harmonious, the link can not be bought, accidentally made more than several high quality of the chain, perhaps to give you a mass of garbage chain charges, afraid of

don’t be afraid, since the chain is difficult to do, so we try to do well in the station optimization, it must have 10 ranking, you outside of the chain is not good, others is not good to do, with competitors outside the chain of quality difference is not the case, if we are to do so will naturally get the station. The search engine more intimate. But the same station, we are doing, to do so, also want to pay more attention to operation than before.

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1, improve the professional vertical website: often vertical sites are for a certain industry, in order to improve themselves in the industry in the field of professional, therefore, authoritative content is indispensable. For example, if the site construction industry, so the core theme of the site is the construction site, and the site content, we can focus on the website.

two, the content of the website how to do

, what is

website content aggregation?

about the station optimization, in this paper, the author tell us about a creative Shanghai dragon station optimization concept – Web content aggregation:

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