Shanghai love chain chain accelerated factors change mechanism reform analysis algorithm

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three: the chain itself is deleted

index library and database !But no matter how to adjust Shanghai

love Shanghai in the calculation of the chain, the chain is often put into the first index library, to know the index, basically is whether it is garbage outside the chain of high quality or the chain will also index, at this time, the chain calculated number is more and more often, but I know love now the Shanghai algorithm has been adjusted, has been initially can decide what the garbage outside the chain, so in the index database to the database, there will be obvious when screening, screening is completed, in turn the index, so when the chain number will enter the database to reduce the

love chain algorithm, but the importance of the chain will not change, just for some junk the chain shielding algorithms will become more and more advanced, such as the chain group to give a certain punishment and so on, therefore, to understand the factors affecting the chain increase is very necessary, and the author with his site outside the chain to reduce the problem, through continuous back, eventually also saw some number of influence factors of the chain, are summed up, the hope can help to the webmaster friends, or get to the webmaster friends.


two: love Shanghai chain real computation relates to the association of

: love Shanghai algorithm reform affect the number of the chain

webmasters may have found your site outside the chain will continue to be changes, and even their own website recently there is no construction outside the chain, but the chain increased, of course, there are also those who are increasing in site outside the chain, finally found the chain decrease is very serious in fact, the reason behind, but love is in Shanghai outside the chain of the adjustment of the algorithm, for the love of Shanghai, the chain is often reflected in the text of the chain, the chain anchor text and hyperlinks outside the chain of the three, for the three kinds of love, Shanghai has embarked on weight optimization continuously, so appear the chain of change will be more and more frequent

you know love with the Shanghai market share is more and more high, the so-called gun fight bird, who through illegal means long occupied love Shanghai ranked first in the waste site, usually through a large number of black chain, or the chain of garbage to enhance the site weight and ranking, so the reform of Shanghai algorithm always love to combat these goals, of course, in the fight against these targets at the same time, if the algorithm loopholes, even some of the high quality of the chain the wrong judgment is occasional, but after a period of time, will be restored, such as a few days ago the Shanghai dragon WHY ranking loss event, is a typical the love of Shanghai reform problems of

many webmaster have such experience, the chain had to spend a lot of time and property to continue to publish their own website, most of the time, the chain is growing, but after a period of time, the number of the chain will not.


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