Shanghai Longfeng beginners should understand some optimization knowledge

September 8, 2017 0 Comments

it seems in the industry have a standard, is not a matter of fact, love Shanghai optimization algorithm, should reach a certain keyword density on the line, as long as it is not low, to love Shanghai there is no limit, as long as you have the ability to love Shanghai K you, you are also the accumulation of keywords. Of course, to 100%, that is not happy. The new station is generally not recommended for high density, can slowly increase the density if ready to fight a long standing, try to keep the one you think better of ranking.

1.If this

perhaps is not too so that we accept the view that, high difficulty keywords tend to not necessarily strong chain, internal optimization effect than external.

4. chain

has been a lot of debate about the Shanghai dragon, but there is absolutely no dispute, that is the site must do Shanghai dragon. The vast majority of website visits from search engines, if you do not do the Shanghai dragon, apparently will let competitors easy lead.

The number of The number of

5. Links.

is not a problem, but there is one thing we must understand, can be the first goal, but not blindly. In traditional industries such as diet, you put the target key position to lose weight at the beginning, don’t believe the first, into the home can take a year or even two years, three years, for a small business, investment is possible money, we should choose the competition of medium or small. The word, as the ultimate goal to lose weight.

should be more better? Most people think so, but this is not a personal identity, are not correlation website links you, only shows you the site wide is relatively high, if there is a link to your website in a cheat, believe the negative effect is definitely not small, certainly not may be because of cheating site is K, it will make your website is K, the website of the Shanghai love against competitors threshold is not so low.


3. hidden text

2. density

search engine should be banned. But the search engine really because of this drop right? Obviously not. "In the design of DIV+CSS hidden text is a normal thing, JS in the navigation, paddling show column articles, it is difficult to hide it? Of course, the gun fight bird, in moderation, if you hide the key words, let a blank page to the first row, the search engine will lose face.

less than 30? This is obviously wrong, should be based on the keywords ranking as the standard, if the three link lets you get all of your keywords ranking, don’t you go by 10? If a super competitive keywords 30 links that you can reach the rank? Search game website most of the site, Links in 100>


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