Shanghai dragon must learn to master four basic data analysis

September 8, 2017 0 Comments

site traffic and visiting URL are two very important. A lot of people will be from the two aspects to analyze the work effect, not only is the entire site, including product pages, news page and other pages.

data record

content for the emperor, the chain is king, everyone on the website of the external links are concerned, external links will have a great impact on the whole website ranking and weight, is the core parts of the website, we are very concerned about the. After we do every day the chain view of the day included, in fact does not take the collection day to speak, should form a long-term view. For example, we sometimes do some BBS signature, blog, Post Bar etc.. Want to see these data query external links need something back, to see whether there is a phase effect. The chain number increase or have a very important guiding significance to reduce the later work.


, the first web site collected every day

suggestions and methods: we do not care too much attention outside the chain of tools YAHOO search results. Google chain also has a great effect on ranking. Check both at the time of the analysis results to see, can learn from the reference analysis. When the chain of some blogs and forums allowed links, do not do. We also have the function into the web site.


Shanghai dragon industry data occupies a very important core. Every day we will pay attention to many types of data, sometimes we just open the page to see the browser at all, but do not record. In fact, the data record is good, for our later analysis work are of great help. We must cultivate the good habit, the following is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon experts to introduce four aspects:

a lot of people every day to open the computer first thing to do, included check their website, how to add the station every day included articles, products. In order to have a detailed understanding of your own website. Record the data of two, a record is included the website, but after recording data aggregated to a table, convenient after the overall analysis of the website. We also have a regular time to check, know the site collected, you probably know the rules included in the search engine, so we have good judgment of what time to update the station for the more efficient.


second, the website chain quantity trend

third, observation site traffic and visit URL

and suggest ways: We recorded the data but also to large sites and small sites, then the small website we only need to record all data as well. Large sites recommend each news page, product pages are recorded, so prepare some more detailed. Using the method suggested site life can be (not recommended landing Google account, such data will not be accurate), does not recommend the use of other tools, the first is not ready, second is his complicated work.

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