About how do website snapshot update every day

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3) maximum to enhance the user experience, so the quality of space for the host must ensure that


love in Shanghai has always been what the user experience and website publicity, the use of space is also love Shanghai host quality are summarized in the user experience, if webmaster want to love Shanghai every day to update your website snapshot, so webmaster must be done to ensure space quality of website use, try to avoid using the website space to host what problems even if what happened to the webmaster timely solve the problem, if there is space in the host can not solve the problem, the webmaster also early to buy a new host space instead of a problem space.


1) daily updated website, make your site into the centurion spiders love rules

2) for not original content, before release I should try to do the pseudo original

every day!The snapshot

4) were issued or add some high quality of the chain and friendship chain pull


website to do every day is love Shanghai update, then the webmaster is best to put the weight of the website to go up, why? Because no Fang > 100


as long as the chief of Shanghai love it a little understanding, know love Shanghai love a regular website, but also will give high weight of the reward for those who regularly updated website. So, in order to let love Shanghai every day to update the snapshot of our site, it is necessary for our webmaster to find a fixed time every day to update the site, furthermore, the webmaster want to do website, anyway, every day is to update the website, so why not find a fixed time to update the


webmaster can do love Shanghai every day in the update site snapshot, but the content of the website is very important, after all, a full on the acquisition or reproduced in the content repetition website is very difficult for Shanghai to love love. Therefore, for those who are not in the original content, the webmaster before the release of these contents is best to modify it, try to make it reach a result, only do our website content to avoid becoming too repetitive content, but also the only way to do, our website will not be classified in the love of Shanghai the ranks of the dumpster


will say some Adsense website snapshot with new weight hook, if the website snapshot every day by the love of Shanghai updated, so that the weight of this website is very good; if the snapshot of the site is very old, it shows that the weight of the site remains to be improved; although this is not necessarily accurate, but this is also a clear response to the most webmaster mind, even if the new snapshot site with weight Never mind, but when the snapshot compares the old website and other websites Link Exchange are refused to be too absolute number of times that we agree, how do you make the love of overseas Chinese in Shanghai every day to update our website snapshot.


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