From the love of Shanghai handling out A5 news source soft value

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3, the soft just way, polymerization again flow is the key of

2, A5 will be more and more high value of soft

article thinking may not be very clear, people just feel here, we need to carefully write soft. Cherish the good platform for the dissemination of the soft real, rather than what payment platform. Let us write the maximum value of the soft, harvestmaximized.

If the

if the audit soft easily earn money easily, so after love like Shanghai after the attack, to further enhance the value of the site is the key. It is not, many of the webmaster. For example, some business owners, Shanghai dragon institutions will be transferred to this can release the soft and smooth and efficient communication platform.

1, A5 can develop into the webmaster information news source

to deal with the news source, the main reason is due to the wide of the mark. For example, a local news network, to Lenz is the kind of soft webmaster. Because just to the site or in the dissemination of the contents of the soft, so the soft value is very low. Then the A5 is different, it is itself a webmaster kind of communication, is closely related with the webmaster. So, even if it is issued by the others to pay or quality is not very high, there is no wide of the mark.

Shanghai dragon field can be said to have turn the world upside down changes, from the earliest keyword set, to the chain of exchange, to the original or false original content to add. To do today with the software (station group software) on the line, the exchange chain market very little, direct acquisition of popular. Soft to be done slowly. The big news, industry site also slowly fall money for others and so on soft advertising. It can be said that the entire Internet in Shanghai dragon crazy. To see the love in Shanghai yesterday to deal with news source soft news, let people feel the value will further enlarge the stationmaster net A5.

when there is a large news site to others the text after the site of webmaster is not so important. We have many choices of places. And if you get rid of some news source site after only a few very large sites, will be released soft people looting, which will raise the price, the price is too high, many people can not accept. A5 this way, at this time there will be more and more high value. Dong’ou valve network where individual company operations have been here to deliver soft, play a certain effect.

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