The original article is reprinted without attribution to prove that you are the original

September 6, 2017 0 Comments

China is the protection of intellectual property rights do relatively poor countries, it is because it hinders innovation and innovation of the road, the high cost and low cost at the expense of plagiarism, which leads to no one willing to innovate. Sohu like CEO Zhang Zhaoyang said, in China only suitable for micro innovation. In fact, we do Shanghai dragon on this copy reproduced without copyright is very headache. He worked hard to write a share of the article, but some people are reproduced to their own site does not indicate the source. This is to discuss with you to buy things without paying what difference. There are even more depressing, some of your original links removed to some forums outside the chain, and then change into their own website, it’s like someone stole things from your home also insisted that their. This approach often makes the "judge" search engine sometimes wrong for those who worked hard to the original site but not good weight, and let the students take advantage of the web site to reprint.

so again witness protection how important your web site. Furthermore, Web links to have links to come and reproduced after the same article was reproduced and the other page points to the chain then more will be considered original. Of course, some sites are not allowed to leave a link, so the text information is also an important way of copyright. So the access than a certain website, this brand word search engines will be identified, so we must leave the copyright and copyright two links. The relation of platform, because each website weight is not the same.


first, we first look at the search engine is how to identify the original there are so few aspects: the title of the article and the content in the database can find whether love Shanghai. But sometimes this is not very accurate, sometimes love Shanghai included your site may be due to the weight of the reason, although the title is the one and only you sometimes can not search, you just need to search. The second is the release time, the sooner the more likely to be released that is the original article. Of course, this also need to be combined with the included time, if a few seconds of the web site collected your content that is sad. The last time Zhu Weikun had a such article "joking Shanghai dragon blog was collected by W3SO network will fall in love with the sea k".

if so, the original people is not original, reproduced and will only be reproduced, no one to share experience in this industry, how sad. In fact, we can’t put all hopes on the search engine above, we should also take a strong protection of their rights are not violated, these years also enhance the search engine’s ability to identify, the last love Shanghai announcement made on the website of the original value, original content encourage everyone to write quality. So we must have a correct understanding of the original content, original content protection is urgent, today I will talk about the original being reproduced after how to prove that you are the original.

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