The phantom CEO combat teach you easy access to search traffic

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5. TV news: Culture TV news habits may be webmaster friends on the TV news itself is not too sensitive, I love to see the above comparison, network news, therefore also need to cultivate the interest and hobbies, to refine their website what they need from the news, time out, naturally the search engine is concerned.

second Essentials: originality. It is this excerpt, or elsewhere, acquisition, must do the original or false original.

second, how hot


3. hot topic: micro-blog’s reaction speed than the other will be many, the phantom CEO at night real attention to Sina micro-blog, micro-blog and micro-blog, the Tencent, to "grab salt" the social hot spots.

Sina micro-blog

before the article "mirage CEO: network marketing cost?" said the Shanghai dragon is not so important, it is important to grasp the entire marketing channel, also mentioned that now network marketing costs increased, this is an indisputable fact. To talk about the real mirage CEO how to easily get search traffic today. The direct access to the theme of how to pay attention to the social to easily obtain the search traffic, to combat financial Chinese case. Easy one hour get more than 200 IP map for:

2. hot search: search news hot search search can not be ignored.

first, how to get the hot social information

The first time published articles?After

6.: real time newspaper newspaper now often behind the media, but many media is actually in the newspapers and other traditional media authorization to release right; so if you some newspaper media friends, some hearsay, first know the social hot spots, seize the opportunity to publish articles in a timely manner, the search engine will come to you.

hot spots, to respond quickly and timely to do special, if there is no time to do the project, then the first published article, "follow the Internet into the feces after First impressions are strongest." Into the Shanghai Longfeng elements, hot article came out.

4. celebrity blog: sometimes the celebrity blog which will burst some explosive news.

1. love Shanghai search hot list: in fact, personally think that this is still relatively slow, people pay more attention to love Shanghai news hot list.

fourth Essentials: related articles. Don’t just released an article, you must collect more information in the first time, the compilation of more.

essentials. Find hot action immediately, the compilation of articles.

financial China within 1 hours of hot words " salt " get traffic real screenshot

third Essentials: keyword density. Keyword density is a very important point, key words must be put in front of, such as "salt industry listed companies which must be put in front of.

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