The importance of the soft and the chain of the site

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two, the link in the optimization process

short, soft and links are two important parts in Shanghai Longfeng, for search engine optimization or optimization of the website is cannot do without the two links, and soft and links are closely related, they form a complementary relationship. In the usual optimization as long as the good use of text and link function, then the optimization will give you bring a lot of traffic and included good rankings, so as to achieve the optimization goal of final customers.

is mainly in the search engine optimization basically, inside and outside the station on our website. No matter how the webmaster, its purpose is to make the site rankings, thereby increasing the overall flow of the site, and then reach the conversion rate. All this is in order to maximize the interests of enterprises. If you want to pass the optimization of the station outside the station and to get good rankings and flow, meet customers ultimately want to. In the whole process actually cannot do without the two most important parts: text and links.

The importance of

a soft, in the optimization process

The importance of

in the usual Shanghai Longfeng operation, many places are using soft to achieve optimal results. As usual the webmaster of the original, write your own blog or forum to exchange Post Bar, or some customers to send news content, the use of mass black hat means the information content and so on. In fact, these indicate that an important role in the soft network promotion and network optimization, a good article will increase included, will bring to website website weight quite high. Because soft so important in optimization, so many times we have emphasized the originality, also pay attention to the title and keywords arrangement. A good article, because of its good content to the website or blog brings many hits and many links. In the process of optimizing some high quality of soft Wen will bring a lot of traffic to the site and customer links and good rankings.

two weapons website optimization, and soft link. Generally refers to the soft >

is one of the most important link in the Shanghai dragon, is also a part of the most basic. In the optimization of the time in addition to a large number of published high quality articles, we should also pay attention to add your own links, you can go to some relatively high popularity of the forum Post Bar relatively large flow to the top post. In the post or signature plus the related content of their links, such as the increase of the chain is very effect. There is to do Links, Links is also a good method to link increased, if the site Links a high weights of the station, it helps to improve your weight of the station. It also raises a link and is closely related to the problem, which is related to the domain. Add links can also be said to be associated with increased domain, I am using a Shanghai dragon chain software recently, get good rankings, so as to bring a lot of good traffic, is interested in the software you can see to my site.

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