The website was K after 3 days to see how collected

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1, URL website quickly after the website structure changes to change the back page because the weight of the site has accumulated for a long time, after the revision into a new web site, will be love Shanghai that is a new page, then the weights are wasted before



Update 2, above the station, stop doing other similar websites reproduced nursery articles, but in the online search related articles change greatly pseudo original, and add pictures alt attribute good picture description. The number of daily updates in 10 articles about

friends find me, ask me how long can let the site to be included, this kind of thing I do not dare to believe any promise, Shanghai dragon Er also can’t say for certain! After all, Baidu personality who is also unpredictable, we can honestly through various channels as soon as possible to restore Baidu good friends take care of the site! Unexpectedly, the site recovery speed amazing, just three days time, Shanghai included love had come back! As shown by K in March 14th, March 17th on the restoration of the

3, to re submit url love Shanghai.


so these days I do what work?

4, on the chain, stop Forum irrigation, to the high quality of the chain, the number should not be too much. And the original content in the submission of A5, is very good for the high quality of the chain increased! As shown in the figure, these sites are reproduced, some weight very high site, you can go to check.

friends have a website, do nursery business, because of the poor user experience, although the traffic is OK, but the conversion rate is not high, angrily, website comprehensive revision, the result is in love with elevation of hair, the site quickly by K, love Shanghai included direct drop to zero! Yes, forget to add. This is March 13th

! ! !

finally had to remind the webmaster, not to cannot but no need for the website, substantial revision, this is not very friendly to the search engine. If you want to change, before the revision should also do the corresponding work, avoid the search engine to the processing of punishment! This paper by Deutsche 贵族宝贝shunews贵族宝贝/ offers you a nursery, starting A5, please keep the site

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