To ensure the four skills of the original web content

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we all know, the same as a Google keyword search results are far greater than the love of Shanghai, so it can be said that some Google included in the article, love Shanghai is not included, or have included but has now been deleted. Then we can in the Google search related articles and then look at the love of Shanghai have included this article. See love Shanghai have included a very simple, the original first two rows copied into the search box, love Shanghai see how many characters, if most matching, then give up the copy of this article.


, a Q & a platform

is a web site collected has great relationship with the number of ranking quality and the original web site, for users is the same. If an article in many places have seen, then he will be on your web site in this article will not be interested?. Sometimes a good website can bring to the site in continuous flow. On the other hand, a CTRL+C and CTRL+V article will let users a huge loss. So how to ensure the original site article, I summarized some methods in the recent establishment of the station, I believe that this is a fast and effective method, of course can not use it freely also lies in their execution.

your products, you will meet together, as long as the company has its own website. Then we can use the same industry website by the help center. Most websites help center are aggregation of multiple problems in an article, but we can get every help in the form of a more detailed article. Besides this method, there is a way I can put a plurality of peer sites to help with a problem center polymerization into an article. This method can refer to the popular classic quotations website

in front of a few methods are said to resource aggregation, but we can also put an article split. For example, I did one on the Dezhou poker website, there are many terms in Dezhou poker, if I put all the terms on an article, then I can only have a website of original articles. But if I put the jargon written an article, as many websites will be a lot of words, will make the website have more.

love Shanghai know and Search ask, or other industry quiz platform, there are many with their own industry or product related questions and answers, we have to do the original article, can be processed for these questions. One way is we put several answers into together, so you can become a original articles. Another method is, according to the question and answer their users, according to this idea to write an article. Although it sounds very difficult, but as long as your understanding of this industry, or their products, write a good original article is not what problem.

four, the resolution of

three, another search engine

Help CenterNo matter what your site is

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