Key points of independent station site Shanghai dragon new reading production must be understood

September 5, 2017 0 Comments

when your website is to choose a good debugging domain and space, space if personal recommendations or with the domestic space, because foreign space will always be some instability, not because of the small problems caused by future web sites do spend a lot of time but not the effect.

The development of

when you face this problem, only personally, in fact for the production site, and not so difficult to imagine, the first is the Photoshop foundation, can make a strong sense of the level of the picture, so as to maximize the customer experience, next is the website of the production, for the website the production, manufacturing site first is of course need to local debugging, debugging OK only need to upload it, then make some websites need to understand what

e-commerce this technology abroad than China to lead, but also unwilling to lag behind the rapid development of Chinese joined the ranks of independent station in the column, the domestic e-business technology including B2B platform application, Shanghai Longfeng enterprises Shanghai Longfeng application, the application and function of love Shanghai Forum blog micro-blog etc. Shanghai dragon tools application, it’s for you by me first explain the application of independent station.

is a small domestic enterprises or more, which is why many people think that when the boss! Now out of the question, as a small company, the capital itself is insufficient, how to build the site to explore in order to maximize its potential value? Here, everyone will think. If you find a professional company to do, want to do a little better charge is certainly not cheap, want to achieve my satisfaction that is unmatched, do a simple point! Alone looked uncomfortable, and the customer looks more uncomfortable, so how to do

of course, if you think the theme with the WordPress or DEDECMS unsightly imitation sites do not want to make their own ideal, then of course you can, but you need to learn HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript language, the computer programming language can help you prepare for a website you really want.


as a novice, you don’t have any experience for the layout of the site and the overall planning, imagination is not practical, it will need to find a good site to do you think your reference, this involves a noun "imitation station", imitation station technology is not difficult for example, with DEDECMS open source program can copy a website, if you look at the code for a word can also choose WordPress to produce this open source tool itself is used to make the blog, but it can also be used to develop enterprise website, there are hundreds of thousands of topics, you can choose to join after the theme it can be applied, there are a lot of these related open source, you can find the answer through the love of Shanghai search, I am not here to say.


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