How to give your site outside the chain of high quality manufacturing

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Shanghai dragon a secret Website Optimization: "within the chain for the emperor, the chain is king", a good website ranking optimization without internal and external chain operation, chain we according to their own website content and related elements of the structure adjustment, ensure the structure of the site and link to full search engine friendly so, how to do the chain? Especially the high quality of the chain, for the new station is overjoyed, here I would like to share how to create high quality sites outside the chain.

Sina, the NetEase because of the high weight blog attributes of its own has been in the search engine ranking has a pivotal position, but there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet, what can you do to keep your blog is in love with Hai Qing Lai? With the website, when your blog content is of high quality, or your blog is very popular also is to have enough traffic, Shanghai will love to grab your blog, then consider included. First, we registered a blog and don’t go to the owners of the home, A5, iResearch website all carry articles, such as blogs and included content filling a are not used, we have to do is spend a little thought to the blog facade enriched, such as domain name, nickname, avatar personality wait, let love Shanghai think that your blog is a blog can maintain the name with some of the more popular topic elements, is also good for drainage. Then we need some content highly original content, and was not included in the blog before, must not add any link in the blog content. After it was all over, we’ll try our blog has not been included in the Shanghai, love search in search of your blog name is not revealed: I’m sorry, with "xxxxxxxx贵族宝贝" "not found. Don’t worry, it is because your blog does not have any traffic, love Shanghai may not know your blog, let alone capture, this time, appropriate to the blog brush flow let love Shanghai to pay attention to you, is a good way. Brush flow skill is preferred, brush the pages of the flow, and let the page flow as evenly as possible, then brush page flow. When your blog reached about 3000 of the time, you can try to search the page links to you, it may be included, regularly updated blog articles within, let your whole blog be included, at this time, to revise the previous article, do some key links, one of their own making the high quality of the anchor text on the OK!

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as the owners of the home, A5 and some other stations have very high weight and huge traffic from these sites in a chain has a good effect on our website ranking. We can take the chain to these sites contribute to obtain high quality. So to these sites contribute >

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