How to carry on a just contact site external optimization Paodingjieniu type analysis

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in addition, we will analysis the key words in the love of Shanghai.


first, how to start a website after we get it, we can make a simple analysis based on the analysis method we use every day. First we start from the internal and external website. Then according to the analysis of a case to you website system. Due to space limitations, the next section, we’ll talk about the internal optimization. The author’s habits tend to start from the external website.


on a website to make a comprehensive and deeper analysis and solutions are required for each of the Shanghai dragon ER function, and analysis methods and the different mode of operation, that eventually led to the different results, Shanghai dragon Er entry for the technology is not very high, according to the author my own experience, the Shanghai dragon is divided into two kinds, one is the technology of Shanghai dragon Er, understand all kinds of code, can write their own web sites, write their own procedures to produce some of Shanghai dragon needs a small plug-in, the other one is flat Shanghai dragon Er, the code only stay in the little point. But for some tools, UA, WE etc. have covered, simply speaking, is to know more, this chapter according to the analysis and optimization of a deep type on the site for second types of soeer on the.

this case is called a pet Street site, we can see through the webmaster tools the most specific information to this website, here the main choice of several key information can be observed, we can see the webmaster tools from information are as follows: the website to do word: the main keywords for the pet dog trading website time the weight of 7 months to 2, that love Shanghai still more recognized this website, the station is also the site spent a lot of energy to do the original content, we can see from the chain number, website domain name IP, shows the Beijing nets of the room, the site all know at present, all is the best in the country’s top registrars, speed is very fast, this to the site of the analysis, the user experience considerably, in addition, the website snapshot The new, we can see the love of Shanghai on this site crawl rate is still relatively high from the love Shanghai snapshot, included the number reached 1560, of course, this is just a reference, the amount included in the most accurate best through love Shanghai Webmaster Tools see site index.


we look at the site of the title, keywords and description, this is also an important part of a web page, see from the chart, the site index is still relatively high, generally we do most of the words are about one hundred, the best keyword density should be in 3%-8%, but the density adjustment really operate, or some of the difficulties we can see from the diagram, the keyword density is relatively low, indicating that there is still much space to improve the site keywords ranking.

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