n order to Amoy shoes for examples of B2C website of Shanghai Longfeng experience

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has a "Lok" anchor text links to the Taoxie homepage, it seems Amoy shoes network is to improve the competitive keywords ranking so that you remember some time ago, Ganji appeared on the front page "donkey nets" link to the website itself, we see a screenshot of the

believe this is the way for different approaches but equally satisfactory results, sometimes the key words flow from rivals, such a method is very good, a lot of learning is king ah.


The first point: how to use the nofollow


b) home page, advertising and other ancillary information on the nofollow, as shown in figure


C) small source status, found that rival the keyword

view source, was surprised to see the key competitors, we as shown in figure

In the

in Amoy shoes network, the number of nofollow used is very much, then the author will briefly compare the nofollow everywhere, a website with nofollow well, can better guide the spider to crawl more related web pages, improve the crawl efficiency, this is the key.

see from this point, try to guide the spider crawling Amoy shoes network directory home page and the sporadic products on the front page of the page, improve the spider crawling efficiency, also in order to improve the spider crawling for many times the weight of the page guide status.


to Amoy shoes for example, talk about the B2C website of Shanghai Longfeng experience, has recently been love analysis Amoy shoes this site, for this site has a lot worth a place for all of us, this article, is to Amoy shoes for reference, some Shanghai dragon website structure should be provided for the operation of everyone. I believe there are still some help for everyone.

Second: website > Page

page navigation operation nofollow is to make the spider does not transmit correlation words to Taoxie this domain, where is the details of the place, but the inside pages, but did not appear in the nofollow tag, but very strange, stay with questions go down, he find the nofollow tag; in a regional forum here the following problems and related, I hope you can think oh

a) in the home page navigation using nofollow, as shown in figure





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