Shanghai Longfeng orders Six Skills skillful appointment

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3, using the appropriate strategy, in the process of continuous drugging: reservation and customer telephone communication, are likely to encounter such a customer, do not reject your commitment to your what is not, and you fooled, so we will need some medicine to customers, or in the form of promotional activities to give him a prevent needle, see clearly the real intention of the customer, if the customer is still with you, so that a problem, the customer is just killing time, treat customers like we should be screening, can temporarily put a paragraph.

2, don’t be afraid to refuse, keep the call: in the continuous telephone booking, we rejected is inevitable thing, and we may have done the telephone marketing, rejection is not in the minority, and even customers will be very impolite to refuse you, but you want to make an appointment to the success of the customer, you have to have this prepare, prepare for the worst, and then make an appointment to do here, Foshan Qingfeng team to remind everyone, should pay attention to the phone, was rejected after not running after a few days in every pursuit, continue to make an appointment. Here we can adjust the mentality, and customers also have a psychological adjustment, to ease the time, it’s a good thing.

Er friends when you experience how to skillfully use astepping-stone to success skills, then the face is how to smooth and customer reservation, then here Foshan Qingfeng website construction team share orders booking skills:

contact in many customers and reservations are generally in the form of a phone, the other is to go directly to the customer unit direct booking form, so as to make an appointment following Foshan Qingfeng skills for sharing.

1, and old customers to visit: the old customers we have established relationship with old customers, if the relationship between you and old customers are better, so customers talk at a single may have brought us together, one is to the customer support a scene, another is for customer records some need to pay attention to the place can be, so peer visits and visits to our industry not only touched a familiar face and new customers the opportunity to let us know more knowledge of the product and the related knowledge. Then in the next call this new customer when we strengthen relations and the new customers.

two, the introduction of old customers appointment

, 1 point, the scheduled time: if you haven’t been refused to connect the phone, so that customers have this awareness, or are short of such a person, so you can come straight to the point about time "three days" finalized "XX mister, do you have time tomorrow at 9? The day after tomorrow, or the number of" this first to avoid too much to ask, but also to avoid the phone indistinct explanation, direct and customer face-to-face communication, face-to-face presentation will be more clear.

2, old customers: if you have a certain customer base Shanghai Longfeng, as long as the customers to create the interests of customers to give us feedback is an additional profit, another way is to introduce.

Shanghai dragon

, a single telephone reservation technique

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