Shanghai Dragon Technology Practice Web log analysis technique

September 4, 2017 0 Comments

A few days ago in Shanghai Web log records is a spider to visit the website, do the Internet domain name basically clear, just let us convenient memory and communication, when we visited the site, in fact, to run in the background analysis, the domain names into IP addresses, so the IP >

we have a web log block of understanding, but we still don’t know what the web log, then we look at what kind of Web log, here in Suining Shanghai dragon blog show us.

According to the above

let’s first look at what is web log? Web log records web server receives the request processing and runtime errors and other original to · log at the end of the file information, accurate to say that the WEB server log. Web log Shanghai dragon often said that the greatest significance is recorded in real-time operation of website operation, website user access records, web spider crawling records. Through the web log can clearly know the user in what IP, what time, what, what, what the browser operating system resolution display cases visited what page of your site, access is successful, these can be seen in the web log.

W3C standard is that the log log, the log is a record of an article in Shanghai Suining Shanghai dragon love spiders crawl blog notes in the column, we will look at how to solve the web log, in fact there are many log analysis tools can also help, we will analyze the work station on the line. The following with Jiang Xin up a bit with the log analysis is what you mean.

Dragon technology exchange group which saw some people ask why the website log, to see how the web site log in the group asked for a while no one answer or a group of friends, finally gives some analysis on the contents of the log in the past, so I tell you today to have contact web log or contact the web log, but do not know how to analyze the buddies, I hope to help you.

2014-07-29 04:23:14 W3SVC1328191266 GET /biji/11.html – 80 – Mozilla/5.0+ (compatible; +Baiduspider-cpro; ++贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/spider.html) 2000 0

2014-07-29 04:23:14 is the record of spiders crawl (or crawl) website

W3SVC1328191266 this is the standard

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