The author describes the processing strategy in the website optimization process

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Shanghai algorithm, love Shanghai appeared in the search results page, the search results mainly on content extraction, and refining the content is usually directly translated description, so the user in the search for relevant keywords to find your web site, the user catches the eye is description, so if describe a very refined, but also can accurately express the website content, then it can be very good to attract users to click on, it is very important to enhance the site’s traffic will play. So how to optimize the site better description of

first, fully meet the needs of users. Description will be able to attract users, the key lies in the ability to meet the needs of users. And this is a important link is also the optimization of the website. The content of the website optimization design and its essence is the title in order to attract users to click, and the design description is also in order to attract users to click, if the site description contains the site core keywords, such as you do lose weight site, then you need to lose weight fast increase of such words when describing the search results page will show these marked red core keywords, this will make the user feel very eye-catching, but also to highlight the theme of the role play. Naturally, can effectively enhance the user click desire.

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can not describe the web in order to attract users to the hype on the core keywords, such as some webmaster love increase Madden, only global etc. These exaggerated words in the description of these.

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second, to fully highlight the advantages of web site. If the description has to meet the needs of users, that is to say the core keywords into it, but now all the websites are so designed, so if you are not able to design a more detailed description, it is difficult to improve the degree of competition. So we can make the website description can increase the number of users is very interested in the vocabulary. For example, a local talent website, in addition to the local talent website core keywords that, if a similar increase in success 100% on the basis of this, a high salary, integrity of the recruitment of such words, will let person interested candidates, will click on the website, hope to get a high paying job.

algorithm, to improve the website optimization effect, and continue to enhance the site’s ranking, optimization of traditional extensive type, that content is king and the chain for the emperor’s model, has been difficult to continue. If you do not pay attention to comprehensive design and from the details, it is difficult to improve the love of spiders in Shanghai recognized website ranking promotion will be difficult to achieve.


website optimization details, one of the important details are often easy to ignore the webmaster, that is the site description. English word is discription, the description mainly refers to the main contents of the website can let users accurate generalization, through the description to know the main content of the site, in order to attract users to click on your website.

With the continuous innovation of Shanghai love

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