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3. contrast carefullyHigh quality


2. statistical analysis keywords

the words of the site, then you can start working on our website optimization, in this process, we sorted out before the site key word library still can be a reference for us to carry out the construction of content. Although the web page can contain only a few keywords limited, but we can be in the news page or product page content when embedding more keywords planning. Website optimization to a certain extent, not only the home page can get some keywords ranking, information page or product page can also get a certain rank, so as to bring more traffic to the site.


before determining the site keywords plan, we must first establish a key thesaurus, establish key thesaurus, to focus on the core of the web site keywords, product or service to carry out, at this time, we can use some tools to screen with some keywords our own requirements, the premise is to bring some keywords can give the website traffic. When building a website key vocabulary, we can use the "love Shanghai index" and "the love of Shanghai Webmaster Tools index analysis tools.

key vocabulary, we must to carry on the statistical analysis of all keywords, all in accordance with the keywords love Shanghai ordering index, at the same time to list the competition strength of each keyword, through such a breakdown of the work, we can further confirm that the comparison of what word for our website, for the final determination to lay a good foundation website keywords scheme.

keywords, can bring a lot of traffic to our website, but keywords high quality is not the love Shanghai index of high word, sometimes the word competition strength love Shanghai high index, optimization is very difficult; on the contrary, for a love Shanghai index is slightly smaller and smaller the intensity of competition, the optimization is easy to many, and may get good rankings in a short period of time, thus bring some traffic to your site. Because a number of Web site keywords is limited, so we need to carefully compare, and ultimately determine the appropriate key words to our site, in determining the site keywords, we need from a long-term perspective, usually set the core keywords one or two index slightly higher, plus two or three long tail keywords can.

said the site optimization, we first of all is to plan a web site keywords, keywords planning is good or bad, directly affect the future development trend of the website. The keyword of the website planning well, may get traffic in a short time, long-term optimization, keywords ranking will gradually rise, so as to obtain certain benefits; on the contrary, keywords planning is not good, even if you cannot adhere to the optimization, and ultimately may only work without power. Therefore, to choose the right keywords is particularly important in the whole process of website optimization in the next, I will work together with you to discuss this topic.

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1. by screening tools

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