Several competitors dimension chain analysis

September 4, 2017 0 Comments

domain, so this is undoubtedly the most important point inside the chain dimension index, is the chain from the number without domain name, because the domain number, the more people vote for you, this.

platform type, the needless to say we all know, is the Commissioner of the chain often go outside the chain of different media, such as the commonly used social media, blogs, bookmarks, forums, information classification, Links, diversification of the chain platform is undoubtedly the most point is "natural connection".

chain type, chain type is usually divided into three kinds, one is the anchor text link, two bare chain, three is to show the chain website address (not click), there is no doubt that these three kinds of chain inside the anchor text for the link is certainly the greatest significance, he told the following search engine this is the link and anchor text (keywords) related. The three best of a certain proportion, but do not deliberately go to the construction of the chain in strict accordance with the proportion, because it is not "natural" well, love is not to say that the Shanghai natural link

, the chain number we judge a site outside the chain of the most intuitive data from a perspective outside the chain of natural number is better, but the total did not have much reference value, the specific reasons please look at the following dimensions.

The number of

the anchor text distribution, said anchor text links is the three chain form inside the most important, is the most variable, is able to influence a link our target keywords directly, so the proportion to grasp, I recommend is to use the name of the web site as a keyword to do anchor text link the reason, or that sentence, it is more natural.

The The total number of

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in the past year released three love Shanghai on site outside the chain attitude, which makes a lot of work in Shanghai Longfeng friends lamented the chain has become more and more difficult. Shanghai love think from view point of view, only the user of spontaneous creation is the natural links to useful links, but a website especially less famous websites where so many spontaneous links it. I have a query manual random chain ten love Shanghai five of the weight of the website, found that users spontaneously link less and less, the more he is not on the new website. The site is really like love Shanghai said, a lot of the chain we think there is no use, I also can not settled here, just think you love Shanghai not to believe, but not as much as the letter. No matter what method before is effective, which is invalid or even garbage outside the chain, there is one thing for sure is that we follow the competition to build the chain is certainly correct (of course, the content of the website to keep up, otherwise, Shanghai love of the website will lead to increased audit efforts to reduce the effect of the chain website), here to talk about how to complete the analysis of competitors, the author thinks that there are several dimensions: the number of the chain type and the type of the anchor text distribution platform for the quality and the time domain correlation to increase frequency. The following are what the significance and importance of the several dimensions.


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