The world’s 3 month ranking from 116 thousand to 16 thousand in secret

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, launched 7 employees and friends


optimization concept

4, YAHOO’s baby, like an aristocrat


webmaster resources easy to develop, most understand the principle of Alexa, and cooperative development tools, such as a traffic demand community webmaster cooperation https://s3.amazonaws贵族宝贝/com.alexa.toolbar/atbp/ReAiYl/download/index.htm.

The ranking method of

2, reasonable exploitation of alexa

Alexa is a website ranking of the third party certification body, the need for large amounts of data, easy to use, I hope.

3, understand the Alexa rules of



optimization of Alexa attitude optimization, Yahoo baby like an aristocrat, presumably because they are in line with the national English mode of thinking, or a few short-term interests and disputes.

business development , 5 United Station

international Internet value concept, does not allow the head through the brush flow of cheating, once found suspected of cheating just cancel the qualification ranking. As a commercial company, there cannot be any cheating behavior and motivation, the need for long-term plan.

in the market at the same time the development of the website optimization promotion business, the main business is not in contradiction with. Maybe just a word you can fix, because your customers also need his website more competitive. For example, poly orange network partners used: 贵族宝贝juooo贵族宝贝/bbs/bbsdisplay-0-0-329743-1.html

July 4th world three months average ranked 116 thousand, ranked 186 thousand and three in a single day, month average ranking from 116 thousand to 16 thousand in November 4th, with some experience can be summed up.

English good webmaster can examine Alexa, click Statistics Association and joint partners, to find a way from.

often do staff training, basic knowledge of Internet, Internet commonly used techniques, application of network more knowledge to improve the basic quality of the staff, including how to use a variety of tools, Alexa, Yahoo of the noble baby. Traffic on the site to 85% sources from Baidu, said that your website basically no operational value, so a single search engine source is not reasonable, needs to be improved, the pursuit of reasonable distribution of search engine traffic, the correct optimization should be with all public principle match engine.

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