Why is the demand for relevance ranking influence reason

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search and search words the fastest rising is the same, related keywords >

correlation page ranking Of course, the index in Shanghai Love Association according to this?

this may concern less, that is the analysis of the keywords row which web site in the search engine, what are the characteristics of these sites, the preferred types of analyses, such as your search is the product of word row is the B2B site, or enterprise stand, or ask, library, pictures, analysis of ranking rules now help us have a reference, not detours.

love Shanghai since its revision index is getting better and better with the increasing in value, there are several data for us to do the Shanghai dragon is also very valuable, such as an increase of demand change, we know what the recent user demand, we can according to the data on the website the user is interested in the contents of.

some time ago I saw a micro-blog in Shanghai Longfeng circle count is figure Daniel said keyword density of great impact on the ranking, but now many people ignored, personal understanding is the keyword density is very little or even negligible for the influence of the rankings. Keyword density is in the beginning so useful because it solves a problem of correlation, visible correlation for the influence of the rankings how important, now many people also speak of correlation is very important, what is the specific relevance of many people is not very understanding, today I have to talk about this problem.


related drop-down box

search results are poor, sometimes because the choice of query terms is not very appropriate. You can refer to someone else is how to search, to get some inspiration. The love of Shanghai "the relevant search", a series of query words and your search is very similar. Love Shanghai search are arranged in a bottom of the search results page, according to popular search ranking etc.. Related search and the drop-down box is not only to find relevant content the best tools, but also found that users demand the best tools. What are the relevant search and we can understand the most basic drop-down box associated with this word, what is the maximum user demand content is keyword layout and content construction of the so-called


correlation search


in Shanghai love feedback in the drop-down box, usually 8-10 feedback through the statistical number of keywords, search keywords, the number of times higher were combined and sorted in the feedback in the drop-down box. Keywords love Shanghai drop-down menu feedback can not only reduce the number of code input, but also can provide information, feedback of different keywords and preset keywords, but feedback associated with body information content. This is the fundamental significance of the drop-down box, if you want to do a keyword ranking, we must understand the maximum demand for the keywords users, and take to meet those needs.

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