The kernel power inside the forward movement of the search engine system

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in the internal search engine system, operating rules must follow these search engines. The reason is here to talk about the kernel, rather than within, the reason for this is: the inner, is focused on the person’s heart and head. Is a personal wish in the expression of internal search engine system. Whether this site is healthy, or illegal. The webmaster in this inside a common standard of living is to get traffic, get directional flow, can get into the flow of material interests.

above is special Hong on the subject to do some basic interpretation.

Shu Hong said: This is the kernel content. It is the search engine system in the process of running, it is able to meet the needs of the spiders collected content. This can cover the contents on the Internet we can think of, the use of all means and forms. Shu Hong. "

our webmaster only in our inner desires and interests or is the ideal drive, can even take pains to the search engine system of a large outer layers wrapped by the kernel form to experience our experience. This one, will let us through hardships, remain perplexed despite much thought, it will inadvertently Qujingtongyou and click into place.

to explain this topic: webmaster in search of kernel power inside the forward movement of the engine system. Webmaster status, without further explanation. At the very least, have a sense of ownership of the property from the complete domain name website. This site is currently in orbit in the search engine is the basic internal system, the first is the love of Shanghai, followed by Google and other search engines. Then is the webmaster of heroic spirit idea: from the search engine control and influence, self brand.

prologue: today is all about the content, Shu Hong during this period of the school, feel, think, do! And then process uninterrupted repeat this cycle system. In addition, there is no other source. Not sure must be right, but they believe there is some truth in hong. Also, here to express the truth is I have been as Hong Shanghai, proved by the practice of. This process is consistent with our Communist Party at the beginning of reform and opening-up started the chapter: "time is the sole criterion for testing truth". Here is the exchange of the size of the grassroots webmaster. Here the grassroots webmaster is basically mastered the general theory of Shanghai dragon. Even if there is no good grasp, but also to a large extent to understand the Shanghai dragon what matter. So, here is the topic from Hong after the use of a website and some talk about Shanghai dragon technology. If. These conditions are not completely cross the border, it will go back up the course content to continue here.

said: the kernel is focused on search engine system, what is the core operation rules of it? Is our webmaster of search engine system speculation and grasp. Inside this, began to tell many kinds of judgment and practice.

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