Three months of website ranking home page optimization

September 3, 2017 0 Comments

, the first page optimization is the most important, because the home page ranking is directly related to your list page and content page ranking, a web page ranking is high, when the page ranking is stable and the content page list page ranking, so in the choice of keywords when also very attention. The choice of keywords in the next view.

gave us three months of preparation in the website ranking home on time, today we bring is ready after all the things, now is not the optimization of the web page, the page is today in the optimization application of H label, nofollow, ALT tags, hope to be able to help everyone. Today is about some of my own point of view, so do not like do not spray, because everyone’s views are not the same, the optimization means are different. You can go to optimize the trash, also hope you give me some suggestions, we start from the front page optimization to the column surface to the content page is divided into three parts of the page.

second, the most critical in the navigation column page optimization, a good navigation column, can carry out a keyword to your website ranking, of course, also want to write the article, and to echo, is a navigation at the top part, is also the best at the end of a navigation, whether it is in the aspect of optimization and the user experience is very important, because sometimes when the user will be designated to the bottom of the page can also enter the relevant column, it will be more perfect. There is in the main keywords is best seen in the head inside, LOGO can appear in the front or rear, rather than a keyword appears in the middle of the page, because the search engines crawl, climb from above and below, of course, the first will be better, more can show a direction of your website, actually to write about.

fourth, nofollow label, nofollow label is mainly used for useless places on the site, for example, the more the search button in the page, did not play the role of local relative. Which nofollow tag that is to tell the search engine spiders crawling the page without, no weight. The spider can climb the most important things, so you can let the spider take some detours. This is the experience in the search engine, the relatively better. Add hyperlinks in the website keywords necessary, in the introduction of a web page, can be placed at the two or three keywords, do trace links, so that they can improve the recognition of a spider web master key.

Third, The use of

home pictures must add the ALT attribute, the ALT attribute is mainly in the picture when loading is not successful, but the picture will show the picture of what is the use of. At the same time will also be included in the image search engine, a reference value. Because the current search engine on the picture has not reached everyone thought intelligence, so you have to tell this is a picture of what.

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