Why the webmaster to site analysis

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3, buy a domain name, buy a domain is divided into two parts: just buy high weight domain and ZhengZhan purchase, for whole station make contributions to buy natural resources station, then included the more the better; to buy only high weight domain is mainly to see whether there are included, for the domain name does not exist. The author does not buy. Because the domain name may be K. Essays in search for a high weight corn shop in Shanghai in the name of love, such as the domain name I do not recommend the purchase:

, 2 competitors included analysis, webmasters included the competitor analysis, we can draw two important data: first, the number of included, if a competitor ranking, and included the number, the ranking to do more than it included the number over it more than doubled to second; the number of competitors included, the webmaster can see competitors have to do the long tail word, long tail word for valuable keywords can be used as reference extension. Such as (site:www.9dcdbj贵族宝贝):

1, Links exchange, exchange of Links now has several elements: included, weight, correlation, the number of outbound links, the number included by the webmaster as key exchange for friendship chain factors.

Included path


no matter in evaluating their own website or in the analysis of the other sites, we should not only for the analysis included the number of included, and included the percentage should be concerned about stability and included, for example, when Links exchange, the other party included many, but the other may be a large number of articles on the acquisition of claim included, this included is very unstable, and included percentage is very low.


included in the site stability of

usually on website path analysis is to analyze the weight of the pages in which high (general weight high page.



if a web page is included with the search engine to give the web page, so the number of Web sites included is a bottleneck, the overall weight of the bottleneck factor is the site of the site, which included the number can side display site overall weight, the site collection is just used to determine the weight of course not? The author, from three aspects including quantity, stability and path of the website included included the role included detailed analysis.

There is a close relationship between the weight of

The number of Web sites included


an introduction has been described before the number of Web sites included can express the weight of the website, the website included quantity can highlight its role in what place? The author summarizes the following points:

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