The user experience from the user perspective

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3, customer service

, what is the user experience of

user experience in the Shanghai dragon, or in marketing is the user wants to understand the relevant information of a product, we want users to do these things, to improve the user’s impression and feeling, this is the user experience. So we should go to "how to improve the user experience?".

unique website style, novel to show the way, but to the brand’s logic based, of course, the path is to learn, business platform of the page to show the way, we can learn from.

website design

from multiple angles to sell their products, such as dangdang贵族宝贝 books outside the station email marketing tracking service, mobile phone text messages, such as bidding on the station, a special page, heat books recommendation. Is a product promotion display method, multiple angles, multiple methods, with the promotion of products make users there is a "Lianshou" recognized degree.

A few days ago

had an idea to write an opinion about the user experience, but due to the limited depth of writing, do not write, think of a way, directly from the blog to mention now what is the user experience, how to grasp the user experience and enhance user experience. I began to write a "network marketing method of several common", or a lot of people, basically every day some people to pay attention to you under the blog, really happy, really, later think, this is the user experience, focus on customer needs, provide users to understand the information, reasonable and smooth, and to show itself to the purpose, targeted. The first step is to do second times, sent an article "the ultimate reason for Shanghai dragon fire?", look at the title you know there will be a lot of people to pay attention to, but the content is a joke (self), traffic is also very big, but the theory and some private goods chat friends said very Speechless, you also very helpless, because I want to write something later, only the first "loss" what. The following access:


is the customer service and product promotion is the real-time track racing together bridle to bridle, potential users, for the product to customers psychological scrutiny of product promotion, customer service is the most important attitude, let the user approved products must first recognize the platform. This can play a chain reaction is a basic service; customer service index all basic platform of lack of customer service, customer maintenance, can also further squeeze, as far as possible to.

website user experience are: website design of customer service brand show

user experience form the most basicThree key brand show

what is the user experience? The user experience is a purely subjective user use the product process in built up feeling.



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