Thinking about the user experience factors for Shanghai Dragon Wings

August 30, 2017 0 Comments

page, the key lies in the simple and beautiful. The so-called simple, not what is superfluous, can make people more easily find what they need. Simple ", also can significantly reduce the volume of the page, and then shorten the opening time. As for appearance, with simple cooperation. Not simply to look good and use a lot of big picture, JS or even FLASH, pop this kind of thing even if doing more beautiful but also very few people will love. Of course, there is a pretty basic requirement, that is normal display page. Some sites did not do a good job in the early days of production, CSS compatibility is poor, almost only normal display in IE6, to IE8, the Firefox browser will become unrecognizable. This page will be what users see the hearts of what kind of feeling? May I describe is not good, but the feeling is certainly not beautiful.

in my opinion, the user experience is really a very broad concept, including things too much. From my personal perspective, I prefer to think that, user experience includes the following:

website has been very clear to be included in the ranking algorithm mechanism, it is very easy to understand. Two site, the first site opened to half a minute, and second sites only need 2 seconds to open. The user will have what kind of feeling? Obviously he thinks the first site may be the fundamental strength is too poor, or that website owners do not pay attention to this website, which is likely to help wondering whether this website for him, impatient users generally directly off the net station and then open the other second sites; it may be a more powerful, more careful webmaster website, users do not need to spend much time to open the page, he would be happy to continue. To improve the network environment, because the speed is faster and better user experience, when users open your site with less time, your website in the hearts of his first impression will increase.

first, the website to the user’s first impression. Here, including the site of the open speed, "the design is concise and beautiful.

Open the speed ?

today is different from the past, Shanghai dragon is development and progress continuously, the concept is more and more advanced. Former Shanghai Longfeng people never do not have to consider the problem of user experience, just need to take a good page optimization, the chain to get enough on the line. Now is not the same, the user experience plays a very important role in the rankings. In a sense, do Shanghai dragon is done in user experience. Whether you are going to forums or some Shanghai dragon Master blog, will see there are people in emphasizing the importance of user experience. So the user experience since it is so important, what exactly does it mean to do? Shanghai dragon people, they should pay more attention to the user experience where

The design of

on your website has withstood the first test, after the user decides to continue browsing your site, as well as the next test. By >

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