How should we treat and do Shanghai Longfeng right

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? I’m going to buy a computer in the city of iPad

if you’re doing it, you should know that this is not natural. The search engine will know that this is not natural. So how to let your natural anchor text? It is not to go with this problem. The role of the anchor text is the core content of the page to tell search engines represented by the link, but the 100 Hamlet will recommend the same anchor text?

is done in 2012 for the Shanghai Phoenix the most impressive thing, may be a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel first thought is responsible for their own optimization site is love Shanghai drop right or K off, if in 2012 as the Shanghai dragon we learned what is love, then in Shanghai to help us grow at the same time, the search engine itself is also growing.


so I want to say what, in the future of Shanghai Longfeng work, the following is very important.

is now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng employees began to confuse, or ask questions such as: Shanghai dragon and the future of

search engine ranking principle from text recognition development to link relationship is a great progress, but as Shanghai dragon NB, in recent years has been applied to link optimization Luhuochunjing stage, there is a word called love in Shanghai in 2012 when, over the link optimization made very fierce reaction. In the link of the anchor text is the most direct bearing.

link is the search engine to judge whether the article has been popular as a very important data, so many Shanghai dragon love for this, one cannot forget, until one day be betrayed lover.

this afternoon to see a best cosmetic is very good…

link building diversified

What if

any recommended links should be related to the use of natural and natural anchor text appears in the context.


on or before 2012 if someone asked me how do I say you Shanghai dragon? Can from the website structure, link building, content, labels, etc. to optimize the URL strategy, the optimization of a part of any good will be of great help to your website, but is true Shanghai Longfeng, far more than in the real marketing. If you are obsessed with the study of these, then you may feel trapped.

is the two most common types of anchor text:

anchor text diversity

, another is the anchor text of all the examples with the same word, omitted here: 100 articles and 100 Links…

any smart link strategy may have suddenly become a source of the site is down right, Shanghai Dragon technology not permanent and clever, if >

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