Analysis of the construction site of Shanghai Longfeng preparations

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a good website structure plays an indispensable role in the process of Shanghai dragon, good website structure can make the search engine on your site like a plus, careful arrangement of website content, directory and file structure.

a good domain name or web content is closely related with the domain name, the user can easily remember. In addition users love fast web site, choose the space should be stable, open faster, do not choose the punishment space, it would be best to have their own independent server. Now the page loading speed has become one of the factors affecting the rank of nobility baby.

4, URL standard

then the site prior to the construction of Shanghai dragon ready to do what needs work? What factors should be considered in the next Xiamen Shanghai dragon and share website design, to ensure that the site in the search engine friendly.

the construction site to analyze the planned website content according to the requirements and general functions, and this is the direction of development, this is the site construction must go through an important step. Then the operating flow of the Shanghai dragon is essential, if you want to make your site has a good ranking in the search engine, so in the site prior to the construction of Shanghai Longfeng preparation is a wise choice, it will greatly enhance the website on the network exposure, but also can avoid the day after the website maintenance, revision and other a series of unnecessary trouble, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, to achieve a multiplier effect.


2, clear thinking, good construction site structure

if you can, try to make the site of URL with few parameters, the best is static or pseudo static, and when appropriate shielding parameters with URL, remove the repeated pages. Do 301 redirect or use the absolute address, help search engines determine the preferred domain name website.

now the Internet is in a state of high speed development, the website construction advances at the same time, Shanghai dragon search engine optimization has been paid more and more attention, the site is user oriented groups, so how to plan a good website prior to the construction of the Shanghai dragon optimization is crucial.

1, select the domain name and space server


should be selected and relevant to your topic, not too broad, not too long, too special, should stand in the user’s point of view selection. At the same time thinking and can be extended, select the search index of long tail keywords.

to write with W3C standard code, using DIV+CSS mode, streamlined source code, external CSS and jS files, so that the search engine can analyze web elements quickly each tag contains the meaning. At the same time should avoid the use of the framework.

, the 5 key wordsKeywords

3, in line with the W3C standard HTML code

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