How to make the article quickly indexed by search engines

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from the known to the article was collected, then the search engine crawler to grab the article can, of course, the search engine crawlers also affects the frequency of sites included speed, if every search search engine crawlers only again, it is to the rapid collection it is difficult. So we have to continue to attract search engine crawlers to crawl our website, of course, in order to attract more search engine crawler is a chain, a chain of search engine crawlers will come to our site for the capture, and the search engines crawl crawl frequency will gradually increase, which is also able to promote the article included the speed.

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in the eyes of many novice webmaster web site is very difficult, especially the novice started a web site, feel particularly hard in the collection; I am a novice when he was feeling included is particularly difficult, when included in my first website I happy, oh, that time can feel to make money, but the reality is far worse than the ideal, in fact this is the novice in the website optimization on the first step. Below I will according to the above situation for some novice in included a summary of how to make search engines fast website article.

daily updated articles can get the favour of search engine, because there are new things to see when the search engine to the site every day, unlike some site six months without an update, the search engine came to these half do not update the site once again, the results are not something new to see search engine what is the Shanghai dragon, optimization industry all know that search engines love new things; this half do not update will affect the search engine crawlers and search engine number, the speed is relatively slow. So, every time the update can promote the website speed.

In four, the chain The

everyday, and included speed about

are not included in the search engine website, is indeed very beautiful, but the Flash is built up, looks great grades, but these beautiful pages are hard to be included in search engines, because these Flash search engines simply cannot read, not to mention what included; there are some websites the home page to place a lot of pictures, give people the feeling is very good, but the search engine on the image recognition technology is not very mature, usually use ALT to identify the content of the picture, on the one hand, it is very difficult to be indexed by search engines. These two aspects tell us to increase website article collection rate will be put less Flash and pictures, it is easier to promote the site included speed.

The time to update the

search engine is to rely on the link to find our site, so the articles included with the link >

articles includedWe all know that

three, included page speed

site will affect the speed of the

activity of the two, search engine crawler related included speed

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