How to make web content quickly be included

August 27, 2017 0 Comments

again: to have the website update frequency. For a stable site every day, the spider will come to your station, and will be very good frequency to your station. So to the website content can be quickly collected, the last is to ensure that updates can have a proper frequency, before that spider every time to your site you have good things waiting for it, so in the spider to your website is content to crawl. To ensure the update frequency of the website is the premise of website content to be included. The site can ensure a stable updated once a week, so the content will be the spider included, which is the site of the update frequency.

: the first is committed to high quality content. The spider to climb a day site is too many to count, to see what it is also very rich, it will come to your website to see more and better things, if your site appears that it is not fresh, you included the also accounts for its database, it is certainly not happy so, the webmaster want to site content quickly was collected, the high quality content is the first thing you need to consider the original things of high quality, the user is also very good resources.

second: committed to high weight website. The weight of site issues will affect your site’s content, I think this should be what you know. The weight of the high site a lot of time there will be the second phenomenon, for the same original articles, on the two weights of different sites, is certainly high weight of the site will be collected first. So the webmaster in the use of soft Wen promotion of your site, remember the original article to spend the night on their website, and then sent to the site, so your site spider didn’t have time to included, included or will affect your site.

is committed to high quality website code. Website code and website will also have a great relationship? This is for sure, many websites to the construction of good, will use the CSS style sheet, with a string of code to create a style sheet, the spider to your site, to start fetching content from title, CSS style so much to it to search, to grab it, to the main content of the site, it is boring to choose to leave, so to web content fast included, website code is also very important, to use the code to call the external style sheet of CSS, reduce the spider crawling, as much as possible so that the main content of the spider direct capture website. In addition to the CSS need to pay attention to.

website content is included, this is every webmaster wish that their hard to write the article, put in their own site, but no signs of the spider included, such things often happen, let us also webmaster sad. In the morning to see Soso Ask ask such questions: webmaster website ranking Shanghai dragon will affect your site’s content? Will encounter a lot of problems rookie webmaster website operators, the main problem of this website optimization bo have now, and we talk about its own solutions, hope to help you.

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