Don’t put your ideas confines the original content on Enterprise Station

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on the continuation of the "love Shanghai earthquake", the official explanation is "love Shanghai for low quality site measures" and the definition of "low quality sites refer to: no original or false original website," love Shanghai in such extreme way reiterated the "content is king", that in the future all website promotion (including Shanghai dragon) must return to the promotion of basic content.

is the key to the "do not put their own ideas, the vast majority of Enterprises Limited" website without content, because we have our own ideas is limited, because we do not know enough for the industry, and not really no content.

although this approach does not seem stupid, but fast, slow is fast, through their own understanding, constantly familiar with industry knowledge, re defined in their own language interpretation of various industry terminology and concepts, accurate and easy to understand, the first step is to obtain the original content website.

do not put their thought limit to live ", I think of the war fifth battle, the battle began when the United Nations will retreat, just the arrival of the U.S. Li Qiwei is facing" how to do ", results in a pessimistic despairing voice, he from the U.S. current account type combat log, found several volunteers a massive battle length of time just 8 days, the Chinese military logistics can not keep up, only to maintain the" week offensive "fatal weakness, the war therefore reversed, Chinese volunteers from attack to defense, full retreat.

ZAC said: "the key is to expand the content, no content, no way to do Shanghai Longfeng, actually a lot of products, even if the enterprise station, popular products, as there is a lot of content to do, do not put their own ideas limited".

for all the webmaster, Shanghai dragon struggling with ER (network picture)

what this shows that we have faith, seemingly no original content, is not really no original content; secondly, "we don’t approach the limitations of their own live", through in-depth study, the content of the website development.

of course, small business website to create a unique original content, the basic contents are highly coincidence, the same, the original content is very difficult, not to mention the web site operators need to continue the original content continuously, from this perspective, the enterprise website content is very limited.

The original content of

original content is not who are born to write, in the face of "how to find content, such as we did not graduate, and no technical questions," ZAC said: "the most simple, take out your professional course textbooks, the chapter list, and then each section, in your own words. You understand, angle, written hundreds of words. Order, published".

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