Five strokes teach you to optimize your website title double flow

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the Shanghai dragon there have been two years, long-term observation found that: 80% the site title is rubbish, 15% Title reluctantly, only 5% of the title is relatively excellent, let a person look askance. Why is this? Because our website for the title of Shanghai Longfeng responsible person did not pay attention to! But in fact, the title is not only a row of words. The title is a window, is advertising, is the most basic entrance to attract users to click! Hard to bring up, but because the poor do not click on title and flow, so the results you want? The author to sum up the experience of five strokes teach you to optimize your website title, traffic doubled.

2, class

1 and

For example,

if not to try to cover the needs of the public products, product categories and attributes in the title. For example, is operating the summer dress, so the best title contains ladies, ladies, girls, summer, cool and sexy vocabulary, because it can get the user’s identity and female attention, click. Of course, if not for specific user groups, do not add these words to avoid exclusion.

in length

just search a keyword can be found at the beginning of the article said, many of the site’s title that belong to 80% ranks: keyword stuffing. For example, search the most familiar "shopping mall" of the word:

slimming Website Title add "a week thin Jin", seize the needs of users, the most direct and intuitive data tell them the slimming effect, of course very quickly to attract users, but the premise is to be objective, do not exaggerate the artificial data. In addition, there are some good words for your reference, add the appropriate title to help you a helping hand: first, leading, national, professional, high quality, genuine, licensed, 100%, brand, trust, perfect, millions of users certainly, cash on delivery, a fold and so on. In which several principles: attractiveness, competitiveness, objective.

online shopping system, online shopping system.

4, a word


3, attracting

in addition to control the length and type of vocabulary, we work only half completed, also need to pay attention to attract users. To attract users is to catch the user’s eye, forced and induced the click, so in the title to show special, competitive and pompous words.

in fact, long title more than a short title to attract users. Some enterprises in order to highlight their title, very short, less than 10 words, but in fact, if you are not the brand website, Taobao, love Shanghai, the Tencent the best, do not try this. Because the data show that long title tend to attract users to click, so we will try to control the title in 10-27 words (engine title words 27 words index display).

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